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Multifermental feed additive for ducks and geese
  • Multifermental feed additive for ducks and geese
  • Multifermental feed additive for ducks and geese

Multifermental feed additive for ducks and geese

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Country of manufacture:Australia
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NATUZIM (Natuzyme) - A multifermental complex for ducks and geese.

In more detail on the website:

Norm of input: 350 g on forage ton

Structure and level of the main activities:

  1. Ksilanaza - 10 000 000 units/kg
  2. Fitaza - 1 000 000 units/kg
  3. Cellulose - 6 000 000 units/kg
  4. Protease - 700 000 units/kg
  5. Beta glyukanaza - 700 000 units/kg
    • UNIQUE - There are no analogs in Europe, is made on unique technology, at simultaneous use of strains of bacteria and fungi which synergy interact among themselves throughout everything zheludochno - an intestinal path;
    • UNIVERSAL - works at all types of diets (wheat, barley, with prevalence of cake and cakes), and also on freshly harvested grain;
    • MAXIMUM - 9 enzymes + provide to FITAZA maximum efficiency of splitting of forages, in comparison with others known in the market, representatives of fermental additives;
    • RELIABLE - in production use a modern microcovering and protection of the bacillicarrier as much as possible to provide the thermal stability and rn-resistance;
    • SAFE and QUALITATIVE - all ingredients, have the GRAS status of harmless substances on microorganisms, correspond to FCC-standards of the Code of foodstuff. Production capacities and laboratories conform to the GMP and ISO 9002 standards;
    • FAVOURABLE - reduces forage costs of a unit of production: allows to optimize diets, replacing components on more available, without loss of good production results;
    • Promotes increase in live weight;
    • Reduces conversion of a forage;
    • Improves uniformity of prirost;
    • In premixes, compound feeds and at the correct storage, it is stable 24 months;
    • At granulation keeps activities at tº to 88 °C, improves quality of granules;
    • Reduces humidity of excrement and began to smell them;
    • Without GMO, it is not toxic;
    • Successful experience more than 30 years in 45 countries of the world;
  6. Alpha amylase - 400 000 units/kg

proizveden it is also packed in Australia a dostavka across Ukraine 1-3 days.

Developer and producer Natuzima biotechnological company "Bioproton" (Australia).

Exclusive representative in Ukraine - LLC Estrella Ukraine

Country of manufacture:Australia
Application:Poultry farming
Weight: 20 g
Information is up-to-date: 27.07.2020
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